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    8 Ways to Annoy Your Real Estate Agent: For Buyers

    In the process of buying a home, you spend a lots of quality time with your Real Estate and while your Realtor is eager to find the home of your dreams; these poor buyer behaviors can add strain and annoy you Real Estate. 8 Ways to Annoy Your Real Estate Agent Cancel on us at […]

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    Home Buyers – GET AN INSPECTOR! A home includes several systems and features all of which makes our lives pleasant and comfortable, but can be major headaches when they malfunction.  If you buy a washing machine and it breaks the first time you use it, you can take it back to the store. If you […]

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    Do I Need A Real Estate Agent To Buy A Home?

    Picture this: You (a Buyer) walk into an open house and fall in love. In talking to the agent you mentioned your needs in a home and your budget. You also tell him that you are recently divorced and need to find a home ASAP. The agent suggests that he draw up an offer for you. The agent represents your interests […]

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